Global engagement doesn't only happen on a study abroad program; there are countless opportunities to connect with the world right here in Montana. Below are some resources to help you get started.

You don't have to be gone for an entire semester to get a global experience! Learn more about short term summer programs at the first annual Going Global Summer Expo. Short term programs allow you to go abroad if you are limited with time and resources during the academic year. These programs can last between two weeks and three months, giving you the opportunity to find the program that fits your personal, professional, academic and financial needs. And yes, there are even scholarships available for summer programs!

The Involvement Fair and Study Abroad Fair, previously separate events, will offer a one stop shop for all MSU students, faculty, and staff to engage their local and global community! Hosted by the Office of Student Engagement and the Office of International Program- Study Abroad, the fair will be September 27th from 10am-2pm in the SUB Ballrooms.

Previous fairs have featured numerous distinct clubs and organizations, ranging from common college fixtures such as Fraternity and Sorority Life, and recreational and music groups, to more unique clubs like Dance Club, Collegiate FFA, and Tactical Action Gaming. Whether this is your first or last semester at Montana State University, involvement is a crucial part of your experience. Joining an organization of interest serves to introduce you to like-minded individuals - OR - getting involved outside of your comfort zone will help you get acquainted with people you may not normally interact with.

The Friends International Buddy Program is a short program at the start of the semester that pairs incoming international students with US students at MSU. The program was started by MSU study abroad alumni after they experienced a similar program while studying abroad. If MSU students want to be involved they'll be matched with one or two international students based on regional interests and majors.  MSU Buddies are asked to help their international buddy get settled into their residence hall, help prepare for classes (getting books, finding classrooms, etc.), and get to know all the great things Bozeman has to offer. Funded group trips rafting and skiing and international dinner nights will be available this year.

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Do you have amazing photos from your time abroad? Of course you do!

Every fall we hold the Study Abroad Photo Contest and give you the chance to share your study abroad experience through the lens of your camera. This event is co-sponsored by the ASMSU Exit Gallery.

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Click here to submit a photo to the 2018 Study Abroad Photo Contest.

You don't have to be a Business major to join of group of globally minded students in the International Business Club. The club is a great way to learn about international business, meet others from around the world, and learn how to leverage your international experiences on your resume.

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Student Engagement Global Ambassadors (SEGAs) are the heart of involvement on campus. This peer to peer advising program is designed to align with the university strategic plan and highlight MSU's vision of shared services and campus collaboration. 

SEGA students will have the opportunity to share their personal engagement experiences with their peers.  SEGA students are also available for classroom presentations regarding Student Engagement and Study Abroad.  MSU students interested in getting involved on campus will have the opportunity to consult with SEGAs to better understand the magnitude and breath of engagement opportunities on and off campus.

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